Living Donations

Kidney donations from living relatives have always been a better option. More recently, kidneys donated from unrelated living donors (such as a spouse or a friend) have been as successful as those from close relatives.



Types of Donations

Living kidney donations can come from several different sources.


Types of Transplants

A nephrectomy is the surgical term for the removal of a kidney.  A healthy kidney intended for donation is normally removed by one of two procedures.


Risks Involved

The surgical process of removing a kidney from a healthy donor has become a fairly standard procedure, but it carries the same level of risk for the donor as does any other major surgery.


Evaluating Donors

If you are considering becoming a kidney donor, there are several factors which need to be considered.

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Asking for a Kidney

How do you let people know of your need for a kidney? Find out here by clicking one of the links below.



Statistics can help you make an important decision on your transpalnt plans.

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Number of kidney transplants performed in the United States. Learn More



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