Pediatric Donation

Kidney transplantation is the most successful treatment option for children with kidney failure – but the process can be confusing and intimidating for parents and such young patients. The following information, presented in an easy-to-read Q & A format, is intended to educate you and your loved ones on the kidney transplant process and what it may mean for your child.



General Knowledge

An overview of questions on Pediatric Transplants.




Preparing Your Child for
a Transplant

There are certain aspects of the kidney transplant process for children which varies from that of an adult.

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Everything you want to know about kidney transplantation for children.

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Immediately after the surgery, here's what happens.



Life Post-Transplant –
What's Next?

Info about what to expect when you return home and further on down the road.

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Number of kidney transplants performed in the United States. Learn More