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Kidney Transplant News and Stories

Lifetime of Transplanted Kidneys Can Be Prolonged
The drug Belatacept, a co-stimulation blocker that suppresses the immune response in kidney transplants may prolong the lifetime of the transplanted organ.  Learn more

Kidney Transplant Now or Later?
Researchers have created a free, web-based tool to help patients decide whether to accept a less-than-ideal deceased donor kidney immediately, or wait for a healthier one in the future.  Learn more.

Lab-Grown Functional Kidney
Around 100,000 individuals in the U.S. are on a waiting list for a kidney transplant.  Could this new technology be the answer for those in need of a kidney transplant?  Learn more.

Keyhole Kidney Transplantation
Researchers may have a model for surgeons wishing to perform human laparoscopic kidney transplant in the future.  Learn more.

Living Donation
Living donation is key to finding kidney compatibility.  Learn more.

Bioengineered Kidney Transplanted into a Rat
The results of this study may one day alleviate the transplant organ shortage.  Learn more.

Kidney Transplants Riskier for Obese Patients
America's obesity epidemic has not spared patients hoping for a new, life-saving kidney.  Learn more.

Blood Test May Spot Kidney Transplant Rejection
A simple blood test can show whether kidney transplant patients are rejecting their donated organ before symptoms of rejection have even started.  Learn more.

Preformed Antibodies Put Kidney Transplant Recipients at Risk
Kidney transplant recipients with even very low levels of preformed antibodies directed against a donated kidney have a higher risk of organ rejection and kidney failure.  Learn more.


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